Heritage Travel

Heritage Travel

We, at The Nordic Company, assist many individuals, families and genealogy groups in tailoring their programs to explore their homeland and traditions of their ancestors. One of our best resources is the Norwegian-American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library (www.nagcnl.org), located in our backyard, Madison, Wisconsin. The purpose of the center is to promote the study of Norwegian culture while helping you research your genealogical inquiries.

The exciting challenge begins by searching church cemetery records and Bygdeboks to help unfold your family story. Once unraveled, it is not unusual for The Nordic Company to pinpoint the exact location of a local ancestral farm of a fifth-generation cousin—where you can stop and enjoy lefse and a true Scandinavian coffee!

If you are ever in the Madison area, be sur eto visit our friends at "Little Norway", a charming and unique outdoor Norwegian cultural museum, recnetly placed on the National Register of Historical Places. Click here to vist Little Norway's Website!

Växjo, Sweden is another resource for Swedish Genealogy!

For more information, pricing or how to further plan your journey please call:1-847.256.5550..

The Nordic Company’s specialties:

  • Heritage and genealogy discovery
  • Pilgrimage/church programs
  • Family reunions
  • Culinary delights and traditional historic hotels
  • Active tours – adventure travel
  • Incentive trips and retreats
  • Educational tours
  • Organization tours: i.e., Sons of Norway
  • Tracing the paths of the Vikings

For more information, pricing or how to further plan your journey please call: 1-847.256.5550.

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