Essence of Greenland
  • Experience the renowned dog sledding, wrapped snugly in seal skins
  • Savor the traditional “kaffemik” – the social gathering around a cup of coffee
  • Immerse the eye in the Inuit’s traditional dress and costumes
  • Venture to one of Greenland’s Icebergs and Icecaps – 85% of the total area
  • Explore the country’s wildlife – musk oxen, seals, reindeer, polar bears and whales
  • Scale the enormous glaciers’ crevasses and peaks

Greenland features an abundance of captivating glaciers, icebergs, icecaps and wildlife all intermixed with the beauty of the Northern Lights and pure enjoyment of quiet and tranquility. With a small population of inhabitants in such an expansive land, this country provides the perfect opportunity for an unsurpassed experience!

“I just talked to Jane and she said everything went perfect! The guide was great, and she found the house her grandparents lived in and met the people! She is a happy camper, thank you so much for all your hard work. This woman was nervous before she left, and now she said she is a forever client!”

S.E., WCT Group, Morro Bay, CA

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