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Sweden Travel Guide

How often do you get a really good, strong cup of coffee to enjoy drinking at an outside café quaintly situated along a cobblestoned street? Sweden travel brings this simple pleasure, along with many other memorable experiences, for you to share, and The Nordic Company, a Scandinavian travel specialist, has the insider experience to create itineraries that are truly unique and customized down to the finest detail that you are looking for in your Sweden Travel plans.

Visit Sweden, and you will understand why Sweden travel is appreciated by those who want a destination filled with culture, history, arts, recreation and quintessential Scandinavian flare.

Sweden maintains one of the highest standards of living in the world. Low population density, a well-entrenched social welfare system, a liberal political and social outlook and commitment to nature conservation and environmental protection preserve the best of this northern European nation to share with its residents and visitors.

Sweden is the 55th largest country in the world, with a land mass of 449,964 square kilometers/173,720 square miles, and the largest country in northern Europe. Slightly larger than the U.S. state of California, it has a population of 9.1 million people.

Sweden travel can be focused on all, or one, of the three geographic regions. Norrland, the scenic heavily forested and mountainous region, covers about three-fifths of the country. The Svealand features most of the 90,000 Swedish lakes, courtesy of its glacial past. Götaland is a dichotomy of the stony highlands and the rich plains for farming. When you plan your Sweden travel, make sure to go to the part of the country located in the Arctic Circle. In this northern section, 18-hour days of summer sun make up for the dark days of winter. Sweden travel is most popular this time of year, as everyone celebrates the bounty of the sea and land for recreation and repast. Even winter, in its darkest days, delights visitors with eerie displays of northern lights.

Because of the extensive natural beauty and the agreeable climate, outdoor recreation is a frequent reason for Sweden travel. Skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, sailing and camping are popular pastimes.

City enjoyments abound, too, for those who pursue Sweden travel, especially those who appreciate the industrial design movements of the 1920s and 1930s, when Swedish designers were influential in creating simple, harmonious textiles, furniture, glassware and ceramics. Swedish furniture designers emphasized light-colored wood and bright upholstery and drapery. Swedish modern design is still admired for its spare and clean look.

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is nestled on 14 islands of the archipelago. Wrap up your Sweden travel adventure by touring the city in a watertaxi, stop at Djugarden to see the Vasa Museum, and enjoy a few rides at night in Grona Lund, the amusement park located here.

Our Sweden Travel Information:

  • View historic castles and manor estates throughout the country during your Sweden travel.
  • Pursue research at the Växjö Genealogy Center for heritage discovery.
  • Cruise coastal getaways and island beaches on your Sweden travel.
  • Bike the 1,597-mile-long Sweden Trail through villages and countryside.
  • Explore Göta Canal’s 372-mile system of locks and canals as you enjoy your Sweden travel.
  • Sail the archipelago stretching all the way to Finland.
  • Visit midsummer festivals celebrated in traditional fashion.
  • Shop boutiques full of Swedish crystal and interior décor during your Sweden travel package.
  • Tour Astrid Lingren’s home of Pippi Longstocking near Vimmerby.

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