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St. Petersburg Travel Guide

To choose St. Petersburg travel is to indulge yourself in a bygone era and its art, to experience a city built with opulence and elegance to celebrate the elite, a time that was swept away by revolution and a yearning for a more equal society. The city, established on May 15, 1703, has witnessed the transformation of Russia and the Soviet Union over its lifetime. From a fortress to a capital to a Communist outpost, St. Petersburg and its historical contents are an international treasure, deemed by UNESCO to be a Monument of World Culture. The Nordic Company, a Scandinavian tour operator, specializes in designing and creating customized group or independent St. Petersburg travel tours either as a stand-alone experience or as an add-on to an exhilarating trip throughout Scandinavian, St. Petersburg and the Baltics.

As a western-influenced city that looked to Europe for cultural inspiration, St. Petersburg travel fits perfectly into The Nordic Company’s realm of expertise in Scandinavian tours. Designed by Peter the Great to reflect European design, the city has a long tradition of commissioning outsiders to design famous buildings, like the Winter Palace and Smolny Cathedral, designed in the Rococo style by Italian architect Rastrelli. Later, Catherine the Great launched architecture in the Neoclassical style, adding to the city a decidedly European feel.

St. Petersburg travel is a focus on the arts of Russia – architecture, painting, literature. The city is an open-air museum, with more than 140 museums. The Hermitage is most famous, curating three million objects collected from a span of ages, movements and nations. The collection represents the vastness of the country and its turbulent history. Medieval icons, Socialist realism and lavish cathedrals share a venue that is the centerpiece of St. Petersburg travel.

Palaces, cathedrals and fortresses draw visitors’ eyes in an ever-upward gaze to revel in domes, spires, turrets and sculpture. Palace Square is ringed by the Winter Palace, the General Staff Building, the Building of the Ministries, and in its center is the imposing 155-foot-tall Alexander Column.

Built on 45 islands, water plays an important architectural feature in the city, earning St. Petersburg the moniker “Venice of the North.” More than 500 bridges link the city, varying from narrow traverses such as the Lions and Bank chain bridges for pedestrians to giant drawbridges crossing the Neva River. Every architectural theme and purpose has a bridge in St. Petersburg.

With four distinct seasons, St. Petersburg travel gives visitors the option to bask in summer sun, revel at the first buds of spring, tour in the rich light of autumn or enjoy the crisp solitude of winter. Autumn is a favorite time of The Nordic Company’s travel specialists for St. Petersburg travel because of the slower pace and fewer visitors.

Our St. Petersburg Travel Information:

  • Marvel at St. Petersburg, a self-contained city with palaces, armories and churches.
  • During your St. Petersburg travel, walk through Red Square, an impressive home to past May Day parades, the GUM, an amazing shopping area, and St. Basil’s Cathedral.
  • Stroll through famous amusement and ornamental parks.
  • Explore the Hermitage and history museums with vast collections of Russian art as you enjoy your St. Petersburg travel experience.
  • Visit awe-inspiring residences of past tzars and royalty of Russia on your St. Petersburg travel adventure.
  • See statues, such as The Bronze Horseman, which have inspired epic poems.
  • Tour ornate palaces, beautifully landscaped parks and a dazzling array of statues and fountains at Peterhof.
  • View gilded, domed cathedrals soaring over the skylines as you embark on your St. Petersburg travel.

Little-known fact...
Peter the Great's house was built in 1703 and was the first wooden home built in St. Petersburg.

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