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Norway Travel Guide

Norway travel sets your imagination free to adventure through spectacular landscapes and rich cityscapes. Imagine cruising along a fjord in Norway, admiring the glisten of glaciers settled in the deep fjords. Tune your heart to the insistent beat of the railway as you roll along the tops of ridgelines and click through the forested valleys. It’s hard to imagine why the Vikings ever left! The Nordic Company, a Scandinavian tour operator specializing in customized group and independent travel and cruises is delighted to be able to bring our experience together to create the special vacation you have always wanted.


Currently 4.6 million people live in Norway, and the population is growing through impressive new immigration figures. A stable economy, solid social welfare system and extensive natural and man-made beauty attract newcomers to visit and stay.


With an area of 148,746 square miles/323,802 square kilometers, about the size of the U.S. state of New Mexico, Norway’s profile is rugged and gnarled, thanks to glaciers that have conducted their own travel over the centuries. The existing glaciers and waterfalls continue to mold the rocky land, inch by inch. With endless miles of scenic fjords, including the largest and most famous, Sognefjorden, any travel vacation or cruise must experience the connection to the sea the Norwegians have felt since the first Norsman dipped an oar into the cold, blue waters. Cruising, sailing or trekking alongside the fjords offers endless chances to appreciate the magic of the sea and count the approximately 150,000 0r so islands protecting Norway from the stormy seas.

Close to the top of the globe, fully one-third of Norway sits inside the Artic Circle, making Norway travel a sun-filled summer vacation. In this Land of the Midnight Sun, all-sun, all-day summers make up for the dark days of winter. Norway is most popular this time of year as everyone celebrates the bounty of the sea and land for recreation and repast.

Further inland, hiking trails lead you into pastoral farmlands and over ridge tops to learn how the gifts of the land complement the bounty of the sea. In the winter, trekking trails turn into ski trails, and the mountains are dotted with competent and colorful skiers. Skiing is Norway’s national sport and learned by children before they even start school.


Although Norway stretches into the Arctic Circle, it enjoys a moderate four-season climate, thanks to the warmth of the Gulf Stream waters. Summer is the most popular time of year for travel, when long, sunny days and warm temperatures make outdoor historical or natural exploring pleasant. Even winters, despite reduced hours of sunlight to about six hours a day, bring visitors and residents outdoors to enjoy the Norwegian's national sport – skiing.


For history buffs or descendents of those who ventured to America in the 1800, and 1900s, Norway is ideal for exploring Viking roots and heritage. One of The Nordic Company’s best resources is the Norwegian-American Genealogical Center, located in our backyard of Madison, WI. The purpose of the center is to promote the study of Norwegian culture, while responding to your genealogical inquiries. Once unraveled, it is not unusual for The Nordic Company to pinpoint the exact location of an ancestral farm of a fifth-generation cousin––we can then plan your travel so that you can stop in and visit, enjoy lefse and a true Scandinavian coffee. The Nordic Company’s travel specialists recommend many sites, including the Viking Museum, Vigeland Park, Royal Palace and Lillehammer, site of the 1994 Winter Olympics, to understand this far-ranging and adventurous civilization as part of your Norway travel experience.

Our Norway Travel Information:

  • Cruise, tour or hike the incredible fjords along the picturesque coastline.
  • Visit the historic and well-preserved stave churches in Norway.
  • Tour the North Cape to experience the traditional Sami culture and reindeer herding, Karåsjok, Kautokeino and the Midnight Sun.
  • Cruise the Lofoten Islands, fishing villages and cabins-rorburers.
  • Try your hand at hiking, glacier walking, biking, skiing, fjord kayaking, horseback riding and fishing.
  • Explore sites of newly discovered Viking history and relics.
  • Experience a Grieg piano recital at Troldhaugen in Bergen.
  • See weaving, pewter, glass, woodcraft and porcelain shops.

Little-known fact...
The only place in the world where you can play golf with full sunlight at midnight is in Norway’s three northernmost counties!

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