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Iceland Travel Guide

The Nordic Company is pleased to offer you insights into Iceland travel. As a tour operator that specializes in customized group and independent travel to Scandinavian countries, we enthusiastically share our admiration and personal experience with Iceland to help you select an Iceland travel adventure for your next vacation. The Nordic Company has specially created Iceland tours to help you experience, explore and enjoy all that Iceland travel has to offer.

Here are a few facts about Iceland travel to help you plan and enjoy your visit to Iceland. Call us to share your Iceland travel desires, and our travel specialists will create a once in a lifetime experience.

Born of volcanoes and nurtured by glaciers, discovered by Viking adventurers and tamed by their descendents, Iceland is an adventurer’s dream vacation. The geography of this 103,000 kilometers / 39,768.5-square-mile island populated mostly by 307,261 people of Norwegian, Irish and Scottish descent draws visitors to enjoy a landscape of extremes. Iceland travel leads you across glaciers that cover fully one-eighth of the island, or 11,922 square kilometers/4,603 square miles. The largest glacier, Vatnajokull in the southeast, covers 8,133 square kilometers (5055 square miles) and is as big as all the glaciers on the European continent combined. Underneath the glaciers and exposed to view, visitors cross lava fields laid down by more than 200 volcanoes that birthed Iceland. Some, offshore and on the island, like Mount Hekla that erupted in 1980 and 1981, are still active.

This island, like an adolescent getting used to his new body, experiences change every day. Iceland travel features the hiss of erupting geysirs, the steam of hot springs and the stench of sulphur springs as well as dramatic fjords and lakes slowly being formed and re-formed by the scouring crawl of the glaciers. The largest lake is Thingvallavatn in the southwest. Roiling rivers are the result of glacial melt and annual rainfall of 15 inches. Two must-see waterfalls are Gullfoss in the south and Dettifoss in the north, both incorporated in The Nordic Company’s selection of Iceland travel tours.

While the land is rough, the climate is accommodating the farmers who raise sheep and some food crops along the coastal fringe. Because Iceland travel beckons you to the outdoors, it’s important to know that summers are mild enough, with average summer high temperatures of 11 degrees C/52 degrees F and average winter high temperatures of 1 degree C/30 degrees F in the capital, Reykjavik.

To learn about Iceland travel, talk with The Nordic Company for an active or artful vacation in this land that continues to amaze and charm visitors with its change and challenge.

Our Iceland Travel Information:

  • Embark on your Iceland travel and see famous geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and lava beds.
  • Relax in steaming, geothermal pools during your Iceland travel.
  • Enjoy horseback riding tours through lava fields.
  • Whale watch in the southern and northern coasts.
  • View the Goðafoss, Dettifoss and Gulfoss waterfalls.
  • Snowmobile on the glaciers.
  • Shop for Icelandic sweaters while enjoying your Iceland travel.
  • Venture to the Westman Islands to see world-famous puffins.
  • Visit Þingvellir - the Viking Parliament site.
  • Experience Lake Mývatn and its mud pools during your Iceland travel.

To check the prospective temperature for your Iceland travel, click here for Reykjavik Weather.

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