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Iceland Tour

The Nordic Company, a premier Scandinavian Travel Specialist, is known for the customized and guided Iceland tours we create. Our Iceland tour, as its name implies, allows you an insider’s experience of Iceland, an island that shimmers and sparkles with natural beauty and cultural depth not found on any other island the world over. Born of volcanoes and nurtured by glaciers, discovered by Viking adventurers and tamed by their descendents, Iceland is an adventurer’s dream vacation.

The coexistence of earthly extremes has created a land still in its youth – a rugged and barren place fringed by civilization-friendly coastal areas. Amidst this raw beauty, our Iceland tour invites you to see active volcanoes erupt, hot springs steam, geysirs burst upward and glaciers flow. This Iceland tour lets you witness the changes still forming our Earth as you admire the beauty and self-sufficiency of this island nation.

Explore it at an ancient pace – on foot or horseback, compliments of the sturdy Icelandic horse breed. Or, The Nordic Company’s Iceland tour can be totally 21st century with the speed and power of a snowmobile or high-tech ski equipment. When you’re ready to relax, slip into the steam of a hot-springs heated pool, settle down before a gourmet meal or take your seat at one of the many theatres in the capital of Reykjavik. Our intimate knowledge of Iceland is based on our own Iceland tours each year to reexperience locations and uncover new hot spots to share with our travelers. In either case, an Iceland tour gives you the Earth in a raw untamed form and a nation of welcoming hosts, waiting to share their dramatic island of fire and ice.

Our Iceland Tour Information:

  • See famous geysirs, hot springs, volcanoes and lava beds on your Iceland tour.
  • Relax in steaming, geothermal pools during your Iceland tour.
  • Enjoy horseback-riding tours through lava fields.
  • While on your Iceland tour whale watch in the southern and northern coasts.
  • View the Goðafoss, Dettifoss and Gulfoss waterfalls.
  • Snowmobile on the glaciers.
  • Shop for Icelandic sweaters during your Iceland tour.
  • Venture to the Westman Islands to see world-famous puffins.
  • Visit Þingvellir - the Viking parliament site.
  • Experience Lake Mývatn and its mud pools on your Iceland tour.

Little-known fact...
At the ancient parliament, site of Þingpiller, you can stand on the edge of the North American Plate and see all the way to Europe.

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Iceland Circle

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Iceland Express

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