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Hurtigruten - Cruises in Norway

Hurtigruten is an uncommon name for an uncommonly wonderful cruise line traveling Norway’s west and north coasts. Until recently, Hurtigruten Scandinavian CruisesNorth America and the United Kingdom knew Hurtigruten by its rough English translation, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. Pronounced “HER-te-grew-ten,” the name has been well-known in Europe for over a century, though not originally for its recreational qualities. In the late nineteenth century, Hurtigruten was established as a practical means of carrying mail, freight and passengers to Norway’s remote locales. Tourism trends of recent decades have created demand for luxury cruises of this route, and Hurtigruten has successfully answered the call with modern, comfortable ships. Today’s emphasis on universal use of the Hurtigruten moniker is not a name change, but a move toward consistency and a demonstration of their proud Norwegian heritage.

Until recently, Hurtigruten was known to many English speakers as the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. To the relief of our many loyal Nordic Company clients, the availability and destinations have not changed. The identification for this wonderful cruiseline as Hurtigruten simply brings North America and the United Kingdom in line with the rest of Europe. We’re proud to offer Hurtigruten as our most popular cruise, and we invite you to join us in the experience.